Event Attendance Report

For grants purposes, attendance at every single event we have at WorkShop must be tracked—especially the free-to-the-public ones that are part of our developmental process, and even more especially those that are open to the public.  

Currently, Main Stage, PIPs and even 3Days are done through Ovation, but for Monday Night Writers' Meetings and Sundays@Six, we rely on moderators to report attendance.  

For nights when no event takes place, a report is still required:  a headcount of "0" and then under COMMENTS the reason it was dark (i.e.; Superbowl or Space Rental or Christmas Eve).  

This report should be made on a weekly basis, and should be kept current.  For any questions, please contact The Grants Manager, Annalisa Loeffler.  

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We Couldn't Do It Without You!

You perform a vital and necessary function in the development process of The WorkShop.  Thank you.