DAUGHTERS OF THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION: "The narrative is a strong one...the acting, it is top notch too, from every single player,"

"...Laurie Schroeder as ready-to-break at any moment Judy Prescott (she’s got the most to do here and does it with aplomp); Christine Verleny as Joyce Horowitz, at first seemingly so together, even predatory, but then we find as wounded as anyone else; Alyson Lange plays that pretty much one get-under-your-skin one note of Stacia Horowitz; Michael Selkirk provides as much touching moments as he does subtle comic as Ed Horowitz, probably the wisest character here next to Stacia’s much beleaguered new college boyfriend Simon played by Luke Hofmaier and Greg Oliver Bodine plays a too-assured of himself Dr. Liam Prescott.  As I say they are all wonderful."

Ralph Greco, Short and Sweet NYC