VERONA WALLS: "...playwright Laura Hirschberg takes a powerful swing at making an original theater piece out of an oft-told-tale. It works."

"Playwright Hirschberg’s sense of fun is everywhere. Director DeLisa M. White milks the youthful exuberance of the characters.  The young lovers sit on the stage—his long legs encircling her buxom self—tasting the giddy pleasure of their new love.  As she worries about his ability to leave the Montague boys for her, McCurdy tips his head back provocatively, assumes a surprising Liverpool accent, and wonders aloud if she’s worried about “breaking up the band.  That it, Yoko?”   The very best moments in Verona Walls are those that capture the playfulness that goes with youth.  Of course, we know they are days away from tragedy."  

— Kathleen Campion, Front Row Center