THE ASTONISHING TIMES OF TIMOTHY CRATCHIT: "Allan Knee let his imagination fly, assembling a colorful cast of Dickensian characters to flesh out this rich story."

"...a remarkable, charismatic Nathan Gardner narrates the show.

 Scrooge a soulful, richly emotional, Robert Stattel

The entire cast is terrific

Thomas Coté’s thoroughgoing direction... contributed to what is a very extravagant production for off-Broadway."

Joel Benjamin, Theatre Pizzazz

"I felt like I was watching A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. THE ASTONISHING TIMES OF TIMOTHY CRATCHIT has that same madcap feel."

Scenic Design by Craig Napoliello, lighting by Diane Duecker and costumes by Kimberley Windbiel are all first rate.

If you see this show... you will discover a break out star. Nathan Gardner is the real deal. He can act, sing, dance and makes us love him. .. I predict this boy will be a star.

–Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicle

À LA CARTE: "Cumulatively it’s an entertaining program that gives a wonderful showcase to the excellent cast of actors that have been assembled to portray these often rich roles."

"To have selected this fine cast who all give superior performances, staged them all expertly, and realized the potential of each work is triumphant achievement.  Her work combined with the fine writing and excellent ensemble makes A la Carte: A Feast of New Plays, a very fulfilling theatrical event."

Darryl Reilly

À LA CARTE: "Our highest recommendation!"

"BOTTOM LINE: Our highest recommendation! The most exciting new work of the Off-Broadway season. Six brilliant short plays by superb writers, performed by a stunningly beautiful cast and superbly orchestrated by a masterful director. A must for enterprising theater-goers!...Please, WorkShop Company: Let's have another half-dozen courses from this delectable menu."

—Ronald Gross, NY Theater Buying Guide

DAUGHTERS OF THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION: "The narrative is a strong one...the acting, it is top notch too, from every single player,"

"...Laurie Schroeder as ready-to-break at any moment Judy Prescott (she’s got the most to do here and does it with aplomp); Christine Verleny as Joyce Horowitz, at first seemingly so together, even predatory, but then we find as wounded as anyone else; Alyson Lange plays that pretty much one get-under-your-skin one note of Stacia Horowitz; Michael Selkirk provides as much touching moments as he does subtle comic as Ed Horowitz, probably the wisest character here next to Stacia’s much beleaguered new college boyfriend Simon played by Luke Hofmaier and Greg Oliver Bodine plays a too-assured of himself Dr. Liam Prescott.  As I say they are all wonderful."

Ralph Greco, Short and Sweet NYC


DAUGHTERS OF THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION: " a joyous, insightful and involving work that is perfectly rendered."

"With a great sense of time and place, Ms. Goldstein has written a highly compelling and very 
entertaining, well-plotted play that examines the complicated relationships of these couples 
with believability, drama, and humor,'' "From its complexly comical opening scene to its wistful conclusion, Daughters of The Sexual Revolution is a joyous, insightful and involving workthat is perfectly rendered."

Darryl Reilly,

DAUGHTERS OF THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION: "is a real winner of a play..."

"Daughters is a real winner of a play because it tackles multiple aspects of a society undergoing fundamental change. Under Susanna Frazer’s careful direction, and cushioned by the period perfect (without being ostentatious or goofily exaggerated, as 1970s re-enactments often are) set (Jennifer Varbalow) and costume design (Annette Westerby), Dana Leslie Goldstein’s crisp and witty dialog flows easily, allowing us to fall deeply and un-distractedly into the play."  

J.K. Clarke, Theatre Pizzazz


THE WINTER'S TALE: "A marvelous job..."

Jeff Paul and Ethan Cadoff

Jeff Paul and Ethan Cadoff

"Ryan Lee’s direction successfully portrays the Sicilian barrenness that opposes Bohemia’s chaotic innocence...The whole cast does a marvelous job of juggling the two opposites of Sicilia and Bohemia...This production of The Winter’s Tale turns the bleakness of a tragic winter into the vibrant sensuality of spring."  -- Juan Recondo, Off-Off Online

THE WINTER'S TALE: "Unlocks the play's magic..."

Ethan Cadoff and Annalisa Loeffler

Ethan Cadoff and Annalisa Loeffler

"It's Shakespeare done with utter simplicity that unlocks the play's magic . . . [Director Ryan] Lee orchestrates it with no satiric twist--and it comes across right as rain...captures its life-enhancing message of rebirth and redemption...Tess Frazer and Jon-Michael Miller...have excellent chemistry and charm to spare."  -- Deirdre Donovan,