What People Are Saying About Will's PlayShop

NYC Splash Magazine Review of the 2017 Will-a-Thon

I will treasure it always
— Stephen McKinley Henderson
The class helps actors embrace the brilliance that is already on the page”
— Benjamin Sumrall
His classes are not only lessons in Shakespearean technique,
but also the best history course you’ve ever taken.
— Dee Dee Friedman
Charles E. Gerber is a dream teacher for those who often struggle with the notion of being judged by teachers. His guidance is a mixture of gentleness, good humor and expertise, with the genius to offer a way that’s both fun and understandable.
— Cordis Heard
Charles E. Gerber is a seasoned, nurturing instructor whose encyclopedic knowledge, passion, and expertise makes playing Shakespeare a tremendously fun and satisfying experience.
— Greg Oliver Bodine
Will’s Playshop is the best Shakespeare class I’ve taken in years; I came away with new perspectives, a deeper understanding of the text, and a reinvigorated passion for the Bard.
— Justin Flagg
Charles takes you by the hand and treks with you deep into the labyrinth of Shakespeare’s language, images and humanity. If you miss a particular flower, he points it out along the way. If you stumble, he helps steady you. He encourages you to scale the peaks and plummet the depths of this brilliant text while fortifying you with a steady diet of history, anecdotes, and wisdom.
— Susan Angelo
Charles possesses such an enthusiasm for Shakespeare that if you can inherit even 1/10th of it’s power, it will serve you well.
— Jennifer Kathryn Marshall
This class has stretched my acting muscles and made me fit as a performer.
— Jonathan Weber
I knew by just “listening, doing and trusting”, I would be able to tap Shakespeare’s brilliant women and learn not only about them but more importantly, about myself.
— Anne Kanengeiser
Charles’ passion for Shakespeare is a true inspiration.
— Arthur Aulisi
Charles’ method as an acting teacher can be found in the name he chose for his class.
— Britton Herring
My work has grown tremendously by the tutelage,guidance, and camaraderie from Will’s Playshop
— Sandy Moore
Will’s Playshop is a very supportive environment. Charles enthusiastically leads with his entire bag of tricks . . . impossible to leave without learning.
— Marta Reiman
Charles generously gives us his knowledge. Though I’ve an extensive background in the classics and Shakespeare, when I listen to him, I realize I have so much more to learn.
— Letty Ferrer
Charles opened a whole new world to me . . . a class where you’ll definitely gain more knowledge and discover how everything is connected.
— Lidia Ornero